About Bodyguard Safety Solutions

Balancing Safety and Efficiency

Warehouses, construction sites, shipping yards, and mines have so many moving parts; BodyGuard helps everyone walk and work with confidence. We’re committed to saving pedestrian lives on worksites around the world.

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Accidents won't wait.


Our life saving mission

Did you know? 2,600 Australian workers are seriously injured in industrial vehicle collisions every year. Our collision avoidance system is designed to reduce risk with fewer injuries and shutdowns.

We dream of a safer world. Intuitive, effective PPE can change everything! Let’s eliminate workplace crash injuries and fatalities together.

An Interactive Safety System

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A personal tag

worn by pedestrians

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A sensor unit

attached to the vehicle

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A cab alert unit

which speaks to the driver

Always on the Lookout.

Workplace safety systems, policies, tracking, and training are a great place to start… but it’s not a complete solution. BodyGuard forklift safety systems are designed to augment situational awareness and overcome human error.

The i-Tag proximity sensor and collision avoidance system keeps watch with tireless accuracy. Our technology sees around blind spots and through solid barriers with a long detection range up to 10 meters.

In Every Situation.

No matter what you’re driving, worker pedestrian safety is essential. Instead of upselling accessories or limiting devices to fit niche industry applications and vehicles, we decided to take a broad approach.

When optimizing our BodyGuard proximity sensors, we always strive for universal design.

With Hands-On Support.

Purchase, test, and implement your crash warning system with confidence. We are proud to offer a free 12-month warranty on every product.

Unlike most other brands, we don’t hide support behind a paywall. Now you can troubleshoot problems directly with the product designer! Lives are at stake, and we take that responsibility seriously.

The BodyGuard Difference

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Three interactive components

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Easy to install and remove

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Plug-and-play with simple instructions

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Human voice alerts cut through noise

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Attaches to virtually any surface

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Includes free technical support


Contact one of our helpful staff to discuss your requirements.

Our Testimonials

Balco Australia, WA, Australia

"We are happy with the BodyGuard i-Tag system fitted to our forklifts and telehandler loaders."

Balco Australia, WA, Australia
BHP, Olympic Dam, SA, Australia

"The BodyGuard i-Tag system is now being used in multiple sites in SA, QLD and WA to help lower risk between forklifts and personnel on the ground."

BHP, Olympic Dam, SA Australia
William Day Group, Ontario, Canada

"The System is extremely user friendly to install and very easy to use."

William Day Group, Ontario, Canada
Super Retail Group, Forrestfield, WA, Australia

"We are very happy with the performance of the system in general."

Super Retail Group, Forrestfield, WA, Australia
MMA Offshore (Toll Mermaid), Fremantle, WA, Australia

"We found the BodyGuard i-Tag system to be more user-friendly and comfortable to wear when performing duties out in the yard."

MMA Offshore (Toll Mermaid), Fremantle, WA, Australia
J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"The BodyGuard i-Tag System is being used on our container ports for protecting loader Spotter being struck by the loader."

J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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