Smarter Sensors for Fewer Collisions

Save lives and reduce risk for everyone on site with BodyGuard. The i-Tag proximity sensor and collision warning system is designed to protect pedestrians, drivers, and equipment.

Saving Lives Across Every Industry

The BodyGuard i-Tag Pedestrian Warning System has been trusted by companies of all sizes across Australia and around the world. Backed by 30 years of safety engineering experience, we created an innovative, intuitive system with a higher rate of success. No calibration, infrastructure, limits, or distractions.

i-Tag Works with You:


Storage Areas

forklift safety tags



Quarries and Mines

Quarries and Mine Safety


Recycling Yards

High-Risk Areas

High-Risk Area Safety


Workshop Safety
industrial safety tags

Increase Safety & Efficiency

with i-Tag forklift tech

Industrial safety policies and training build a strong foundation, but human error still poses a concern. Every year, 120,000 Australians are seriously injured at work, most commonly due to forklift accidents, excavator accidents, crane accidents, and heavy equipment safety mistakes.

We dream of a safer world. Let’s eliminate workplace crash injuries and fatalities together.

Industry-Leading Safety Features

  • Identify risks around every corner and through blind spots
  • Adjustable 360-degree safety exclusion zone range
  • React faster with flashing lights, vibrations, and human voice alerts
  • Easy to install plug and play system with magnetic mounting – perfect for leased equipment
  • Operates in dirty, dusty and other poor visibility environments
  • No interference with normal working operations
  • Overcomes human factors like inattention and poor safety judgement

100% Australian owned and operated

Technical support direct from the designer - No delays or incompetent advice

Manufactured in Australia - Available Ex-stock

worker safety system


Let’s work together and do everything possible to make your workplace safer. Get a better understanding of worker safety on site and collect more data for compliance or reporting.

Our 360-degree proximity sensors are globally certified by RCM, CE, RED, and the FCC.

worker safety


Start with quick, easy installation on virtually any vehicle – no modification or infrastructure required. BodyGuard proximity sensors integrate another layer of security.

i-Tag works in any location and orientation, under all conditions. Plus, there are no distractions or false alarms.

construction safety


Take a proactive approach by identifying risks and solutions – even before near misses occur. The i-Tag crash sensor system safeguards your investment in both equipment and personnel.

Fewer mistakes, fewer injuries, fewer repairs. With BodyGuard, safety pays off.

Top Companies Rely on i-Tag


BHP Billiton,

Olympic Dam, SA Australia

"The BodyGuard i-Tag system is now being used in multiple sites in SA, QLD and WA to help lower risk between forklifts and personnel on the ground. "

These are some of the companies that use the Bodyguard i-Tag for safety at work.

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mma logo 1
jray logo

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Accidents won’t wait.

Prevent forklift accidents in narrow aisles and improve heavy equipment safety across large outdoor sites. You can always trust BodyGuard to keep watch.

Our Testimonials

Balco Australia, WA, Australia

"We are happy with the BodyGuard i-Tag system fitted to our forklifts and telehandler loaders."

Balco Australia, WA, Australia
BHP, Olympic Dam, SA, Australia

"The BodyGuard i-Tag system is now being used in multiple sites in SA, QLD and WA to help lower risk between forklifts and personnel on the ground."

BHP, Olympic Dam, SA Australia
William Day Group, Ontario, Canada

"The System is extremely user friendly to install and very easy to use."

William Day Group, Ontario, Canada
Super Retail Group, Forrestfield, WA, Australia

"We are very happy with the performance of the system in general."

Super Retail Group, Forrestfield, WA, Australia
MMA Offshore (Toll Mermaid), Fremantle, WA, Australia

"We found the BodyGuard i-Tag system to be more user-friendly and comfortable to wear when performing duties out in the yard."

MMA Offshore (Toll Mermaid), Fremantle, WA, Australia
J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"The BodyGuard i-Tag System is being used on our container ports for protecting loader Spotter being struck by the loader."

J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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