Our solution for safety at work will protect your people from harm.

A Personal Statement from Managing Director, David Huisman

Having worked in the field of onsite safety and risk management all these years, I know one thing is certain. Working in warehouses and construction sites with poor visibility around large vehicles is dangerous. Accidents happen. They’re costly to your business and can hurt the personal lives of employees.

For this reason, improving safety at work is BodyGuard’s primary objective. It’s also a personal mission of mine. We’ve developed the BodyGuard i-Tag Proximity Warning System to help you and your employees create a solid onsite safety culture around moving vehicles to avoid industrial workplace hazards.

I’m very proud that companies like BHP Billiton, Boral, Chevron, Rio Tinto, Cleanaway and many others trust our product to keep their people safe at work. By implementing the BodyGuard i-Tag on your worksite, you can take comfort in knowing the risk of people getting hurt will be significantly reduced.

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Our Safety Solution

BodyGuard i-Tag Proximity Warning System

Dirt clouds, smoke and dust. Heavy industrial vehicles. Blind spots. Pedestrian employees everywhere. Mix them together and the potential for costly onsite accidents are sky high.

The BodyGuard i-Tag is a pedestrian Proximity Warning system designed to help stop your vehicle operators and pedestrian staff from colliding into each other, even when visibility is poor. It will help you manage risk, promote safety at work and protect your people.

Our Clients

These are some of the companies that use the Bodyguard i-Tag for safety at work.

Our Testimonials

"We are happy with the BodyGuard i-Tag system fitted to our forklifts and telehandler loaders. "
Balco Australia, WA, Australia
"The System is extremely user friendly to install and very easy to use."
William Day Group, Ontario, Canada
"The BodyGuard i-Tag system is now being used in multiple sites in SA, QLD and WA to help lower risk between forklifts and personnel on the ground. "
BHP, Olympic Dam, SA Australia
"We are very happy with the performance of the system in general."
Super Retail Group, Forrestfield, WA, Australia
"We found the BodyGuard i-Tag system to be more user-friendly and comfortable to wear when performing duties out in the yard. "
MMA Offshore (Toll Mermaid), Freemantle, WA, Australia
"The BodyGuard i-Tag System is being used on our container ports for protecting loader Spotter being struck by the loader. "
J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, United Arab Emirates