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Improve pedestrian safety in recycling yards

In 2022, 160 Australians lost their lives as a result of work-related accidents, the majority of these caused by vehicle-related collisions (car, truck, tractor etc.) Then there is the additional cost of non-fatal accidents, with over 130,000 serious accident claims...

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Improving pedestrian safety for public workers

Dangers for pedestrian public workers The safety of public workers across Australia is paramount, especially considering the risks they face in their line of work. One significant concern is the potential for accidents involving work vehicles and pedestrian workers....

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Our Safety Solution

BodyGuard i-Tag Proximity Warning System

Dirt clouds, smoke and dust. Heavy industrial vehicles. Blind spots. Pedestrian employees everywhere. Mix them together and the potential for costly onsite accidents are sky high.

The BodyGuard i-Tag is a pedestrian Proximity Warning system designed to help stop your vehicle operWators and pedestrian staff from colliding into each other, even when visibility is poor. It will help you manage risk, promote safety at work and protect your people.

Our Clients

These are some of the companies that use the Bodyguard i-Tag for safety at work.