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BodyGuard portable pedestrian warning system

Safety at Your Fingertips: Keep Pedestrian Workers Safe on Site with BodyGuard's Quick Fit portable System
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Prevent collisions and protect your work site

Stay Safe Anywhere: Protect Your Pedestrian Staff with BodyGuard's Portable Battery-Powered Unit in Seconds

The system is made of three components which interact with each other


A personal tag

worn by pedestrians


Sensor/Alert Unit

Portable pedestrian sensor battery

Battery to power Sensor

The safety zone is adjustable, with a range from 1.5m to 9m maximum, making it customisable to suit different worksites.

Portable quick-fit protection

The BodyGuard portable unit is a highly effective safety tool that offers a standalone pedestrian safety warning directly to pedestrians wearing the tag, as well as vibration alerts for added safety. The unit can be quickly attached to a vehicle and is battery- powered, providing a temporary safety solution on worksites.

When a person wearing the BodyGuard tag enters the safety zone, the portable unit detects their presence and activates the alarm, warning both the pedestrian and the vehicle operator of the potential hazard. The safety zone is adjustable, with a range from 1.5m to 9m maximum, making it customisable to suit different worksites.

The BodyGuard system comes with a removable battery pack, which can be swapped for a fully charged unit to ensure uninterrupted safety coverage. This makes it easy to maintain and ensures that the safety system is always available when needed.

The portable unit is designed to work seamlessly with BodyGuard's wearable tags, which are worn by pedestrians on the worksite. These tags receive safety warnings from the portable unit and provide additional safety alerts through vibration. This combination of safety features ensures that pedestrians are always aware of potential hazards and can take steps to avoid accidents.

Investing in the BodyGuard portable unit can help you protect your pedestrian workers and prevent accidents. With its battery-powered design, standalone safety warning system, adjustable safety zone, vibration alerts, and removable battery pack, it is an ideal safety solution for any worksite where temporary protection is needed.

The three components will give your large vehicle drivers a chance to halt operation before hurting or even killing someone onsite.

They’ll also help your business avoid:

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Vehicle and plant repairs

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Equipment and personnel downtime

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Workplace accident investigations

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Increased insurance premiums


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Why choose BodyGuard portable warning system


  • Provides temporary protection for pedestrians on worksites
  • No need to install on a vehicle; attaches quickly and easily
  • Fits in seconds with easy and quick setup
  • Detects tags through solid objects
  • Robust and durable design
  • Proven technology


  • Improves safety on worksites by providing an extra layer of protection for pedestrians
  • Saves time and money by eliminating the need for permanent installation on vehicles
  • Reduces downtime with quick and easy setup, allowing for seamless integration into daily operations
  • Provides added safety by detecting tags through solid objects, ensuring that pedestrians are always protected
  • Offers reliable performance in tough worksite conditions, reducing the risk of equipment failure
  • Utilises proven technology to provide effective and efficient safety coverage for pedestrians

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